Corporate Massage

Massage is the Most Effective On-Site Therapy Around!
Essential Touch has an established a growing list of corporate clients including large corporate offices, manufacturing plants, small business offices, large and small health care facilities, and government offices. References are Available! More and more, massage therapy is being recognized as for its benefits in the workplace.
Pain Relief
Improve Morale
Ease Muscle Strain
Alleviate Stress/Anxiety
Increase Range of Motion
Great Employee Incentive
Relief of Tension Headaches
Repetitive Motion Injury Prevention
Increase Creativity and Productivity
Complements Any Wellness Program
Decrease Sick Days and Missed Work Due to Injury
Experienced, Well Trained Therapists Are Essential
We work hard to address the individual needs of personnel in the workplace. Our Massage Therapists are trained in specific therapeutic techniques to alleviate small problems before they become big problems or injuries that can mean loss of work time.
On-Site Chair Massage
Employees relax in a specially designed massage chair, while a trained therapist massages their back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, easing away stress and muscle tension.

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Payment Options
At Essential Touch we strive to make everything as convenient for you as possible. With that in mind, we accept payment in the form of cash, check, credit card and debit card. We accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover.
Business/Corporate Convenience
The Employer can pay the entire expense
The Employer and Employee can share the expense
The Employee can participate at their own expense.
credit cards supported